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Details on cookies stored on your computer and datas recorded by iledereloc.com

Here is in detail all the cookies, datas or tracers that are collected when you browse iledereloc.com as a visitor (vacationer). The data we collect is not passed on to any third party.

Cookies are small files containing short text that are stored on your computer through your browser.

We use it to personalize the display of the properties:
user_selection: contains the property numbers that you have added to your favorites list.

We also use it in order to avoid you having to re-enter your information in the contact form and to prevent spammers from sending large quantities of emails.
cookie_nb_pers : The number of persons you entered in the search engine
cookie_contact_mail: The email address you entered in the contact form
cookie_contact_nom: The name you entered in the contact form
cookie_contact_tel : The phone number you entered in the contact form
cookie_date_from: The arrival date you indicated.
cookie_date_to: The departure date you indicated.
cookie_contact_txt: The last text you entered for your request.
cookie_contact_adultes: The number of adults.
cookie_contact_enfants: The number of children.
cookie_contact_bebes: The number of babies.

block_mail: This cookie removes the possibility of using the contact form when you have sent more than 15 messages per day on two consecutive days.

In addition to these cookies that are stored on your computer, there are datas that we save in our database, on our server:

This is the case when you contact an owner by email through our form:
Date the message was sent, your name, your phone number, your email, your message, your dates of stay, the number of people, your IP address

This is also the case when you leave a review on a property:
Creation and modification date of your comment, your name, your email address, your password in encrypted form, your date of stay, your comment, your IP address, the ratings you have assigned to the accommodation.

Regarding the owners, all the information you enter in the administration interface to present your advertisement is recorded in our database and in the same way, none of this data is communicated to a third. Passwords are encrypted which means that even internally it is impossible for us to decipher their content.

All these datas are stored at our host OVHCloud, on secure servers with daily backups.

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