2293 Holiday rentals on Ile de Re

Rent a home without hassle on Re island.

Iledereloc.com has been created in 2005.

Over this last 14 years thousands of reservations have been made on iledereloc.com and no fraud have been registered on travellers.

Obviously, during these years, it happened that travellers inform us of an inconvenience not mentioned in an announcement of an accommodation. In this particular case, and since we are based on the Ile de Ré, we go check and ask if necessary the owner to develop this point in the ad.

We also have a partnership with ALBINET that offers a special vacation rental insurance to cover various risks such as: cancellation, interruption of stay, non-compliance of the rented property, direct cash losses resulting from dishonest acts or fraud etc. You can subscribe to this insurance for any property listed on iledereloc.com by clicking on the logo of the insurance within the pages of each property.